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Patient Portal

Access your health information online

Now available through the MHealth app by Meditech.


Access your health information online with The Medical Center’s patient health portal, MyRecord. This online tool gives you the flexibility to access your health information and other resources on your time and between visits to The Medical Center. You can also use MyRecord to access information for family members and individuals for whom you provide care if given permission.


Before You Enroll

To complete the enrollment process, you will need to have your:

  1. name
  2. date of birth
  3. medical record number
  4. social security number
  5. the email address you provided when you registered at The Medical Center.

If you have all of these items, click the "Enroll" button on the right. If you did not provide your email address, you will need to come to the Health Information Management office to provide your email address and enroll. See the FAQ's below for more information.

MyRecord is completely secure, so you can be confident that your private information is protected. Only you – or an authorized family member – can access your information through MyRecord.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain my Medical Record Number?

    • Provided in your Registration packet.
    • Located on your ID bracelet.
    • Come to the Health Information Management Office, fill out a release, and provide picture ID.
    • Call 270-745-1271 and answer specific questions related to your registration. Your Medical Record Number may be given over the phone with satisfactory answers.

Why can’t I log in?

    • You must use the exact name given at registration. Refer to your Registration packet or ID bracelet.
    • You must use the email address given at registration.
    • Temporary username and password is valid for 72 hrs.  If the time frame has expired, we will need to reset those items for you.
    • If you did not provide your email address at registration, you need to stop by the Health Information Management Office to initiate the process.

I have my Medical Record Number. Why I am unable to access MyRecord?

    • Your Medical Record Number includes a letter and nine digits. You must enter all 10 characters.

Why can’t you see my PC screen?

    • The patient portal software does not allow us to see your computer screen.
    • We are unable to remote in to any PCs that are not on our internal network.

I have received the email with my temporary username and password, but I still can’t log in?

    • Please verify you are entering the information correctly.
    • Passwords are case sensitive.
    • Username and password must be typed in.  These may not be copied and pasted.
    • If you continue to have problems, we can reset your temporary password and generate a new email with this information.

Why am I unable to see my complete Medical Record?

    • At this time, only Discharge Summaries, History & Physicals, Lab results, Radiology and Medications are available on the MyRecord Patient Portal.   
    • The information above will be available 36 hours after your discharge.

How do I obtain the “rest” of my Medical Record?

    • You must come in to the Health Information Management Office, fill out a release and provide a picture ID.

How do I allow others to access MyRecord on my behalf?

    • You must come to the Health Information Management Office, provide a picture ID and complete an Authorization for Proxy Access.  We will set it up for you.

My spouse and I share an email address. How can both of us see our Medical Records?

    • Once enrollment has been completed, one spouse will have to be given Proxy access.  From this point, they may choose which record to view upon logging in.

How do I access my child’s records?

    • You can establish proxy for your child by coming to the Health Information Management Office, providing a picture ID and completing an Authorization of Proxy Access form.

More Questions?

If you have questions regarding MyRecord, call 270-745-1271.